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by Karin Schaefer

It is Love that gives me purpose

to change and grow and learn.

It is Love that guides me on this path

and helps me choose each turn

It is Love that gives me courage

to stand against my fears;

to open up my heart to you,

to let you see my tears

It is Love that gives me trust and hope

when little thing go wrong.

When distance stands between us,

it is Love that keeps me strong

It is Love that offers harmony

and a friendship that is true.

How wonderful that I can share

a Love like this with you!

When I Fall In Love
by Melvin Lee

When I fall in love,

I want to be

with her


In happiness,

to smile with her,

and be the one

to hug her near.

In sadness,

to cry with her,

and be the one

to dry her tears.

When I fall in love,

I will spend my

every waking

and sleeping


with her

and catch each

moment in its




When I fall in love,

I will miss her

the very moment

I say 'goodbye'

and my heart

will yearn for

the very moment

I say hello'

When I fall in love,

all my old hurts

and pains

will seem

lost and



and I will be

strong and




When I fall in love,

I want you

to be happy

always, ever

and feel like

the happiest


of them


Because that's

what I will feel,

when I fall in love,

with you.

My Love Left On A Saturday
by Michael Perez

My belt loosens slowly

Reminders of you stay fresh

in murky ponds of suffocating tadpoles

Wake me in the morning,

when the sun shines again

It's frightening when all I know

falls apart

And all I know is you

Hunger squeezes me tighter

My soul sags with exhaustion

Ashtrays fill with sleepless nights

Weeping intensifies my anxiety

Can tomorrow come without you...

here today?

The cheap chandelier falls on my face

The rose filled lamp explodes in my hands

Pain is unrecognizable

All I knew was you


My love

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